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Birth Preferences Guidebook
(Included in birth support package)

Birth is so much more than just 'healthy mom, healthy baby.'

The journey to birth matters and can leave a lasting imprint on your confidence, self esteem and trust in your body.
Research has shown that feeling supported and being an active participant in your care play a major role in a positive birth experience. 

This 90+ page digital guidebook is filled with evidence based resources and information on your options to help guide you in creating your birth preferences and build your confidence as you prepare for the big day.
The best part is, its included in my birth support package!

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Pleated Fabric

Birth support


Option for payment plan

  • Free Consultation visit

  • Optional check-in's, allowing space between prenatal visits to ask questions or touch base

  • 2 Prenatal Visits (2 hours each)

  • Text/Email support throughout pregnancy

  • On-call 24/7 from 37 weeks gestation until birth

  • Continual labour support 

  • Digital copy of my birth preferences guidebook to use as a resource for creating your birth plan

  • 2 hours of immediate postpartum support

  • 1 Postpartum visit (2 hours)

  • Use of Elle Tens Machine during labour

  • Use of Birth Sling

  • Ongoing exclusive access to my lending library even after baby arrives, you can take advantage of borrowing breastfeeding and postpartum books 

  • Text and email support for up to 6 weeks postpartum

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TENS rental

$100 (includes $40 refundable deposit)

The Elle TENS unit can be arranged for pickup at 38 weeks. 
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a non-pharmacological method for relieving pain during labour and birth. TENS help to decrease or block pain signals traveling to the brain. 

TENS are;

  • Drug free

  • Portable

  • Little or no side effects

  • Easy to use

  • User controlled 

White Waves

Private Prenatal
prep class


This class is for everyone...whether you've hired me as your doula, or you are just looking for a class to give you all the tools and resources you need to feel prepared and ready for the big day, this is for you! This class includes building a birth and postpartum plan, knowing the stages and phases of labour, as well as unending resources on comfort techniques, positions in labour, breastfeeding and more!

This can be done as a 6 hour intensive or broken into two classes (3 hours each). They can be taken from the comfort of your home, either in person or virtually. Whether you are local or live across the country, my private classes are for anyone wanting an intimate class tailored to your needs. My goal is to provide evidence based, fun and interactive classes to educate and empower expectant parents with the tools and resources for an empowered birth and postpartum.

Take as a couple or get your mama's group together for a group discount 

White Sheet

Build your own package

Build a package that works for you!

Maybe you're wanting help creating a birth plan, need a few hours learning and practicing comfort skills or you live out of province and still want prenatal visits without continuous labour support- this option is for you! Send me a message for info on pricing based on your specific needs. 

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