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Lets Doula This!

I’m a firm believer that its our passions in life that compel us toward making change, both as an individual and the greater community. It’s this passion for supporting and empowering women that has taken me from living in India and assisting in a women’s shelter to supporting teens through crisis and most recently becoming certified to be a doula and Childbirth educator.

The times I have found myself the most ‘alive’ have been when I’m doing what I love most, creating through artistic expression, inspirational parenting moments, or having a heart-to-heart with a good friend.

I want to invite you on my journey to becoming a certified doula and childbirth educator. This blog is for anyone who has given birth, lost, conceived or in the process of trying to conceive…its space where I will share bits of information on pre and post natal, labor and invite you on my path as I delve into all things birth. Lets DOULA this!

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