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Whats in the name 'Nurtured Nest'?

The Name "Nurtured Nest" is the idea that this 'nest' and safe space is discovered and crafted by you. Just like a mother bird gathers twigs, branches and materials to build her place of safety to nurture her young, I want you to create a birthing space that you feel comfortable in. This nest might include childbirth education, informed choice, a supportive care team or addressing fear.

I will listen with an unbiased ear, acknowledging any fear or uncertainties so we can collaborate and strategize together how I can best help you and your care team in the labouring process. I will to be there to support, encourage, and assist in pain management, suggesting labouring positions and coaching you every step of the way. What elements are in your nest? What is important to you as you plan and prepare for your ideal birth experience?

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