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Why a childbirth education class?

Preparing for baby often feels like an endless list of appointments and ‘to do lists’. Taking a childbirth education class can often fall to the bottom of that list and might even get bumped completely off in lieu of more ‘demanding’ items.

I’m here to tell you the top 5 reasons why you need to keep this at the top of your priority list when preparing for baby.

  1. Develop friendships and community- Childbirth classes facilitate a common bond of expecting a baby around the same time, sharing the challenges and joys of pregnancy and collaborating resources. Through collaborative learning and social networking with your childbirth class, you have the opportunity to create life-bonds and connections with others in your class.

  2. Understand most relevant practices in health system- Evidence based care is constantly evolving when it comes to labour and birth. In order to understand how to best advocate for yourself, it’s helpful to have a framework of your options and how to facilitate shared decision making with your health care team.

  3. Connecting with your partner- Childbirth classes are a committed time to focus on baby and connect with partner on developing comfort techniques that they will use during labour and birth. Make a date out of it! Grab a bite to eat or a little treat after the class to talk about all that you learned during the class

  4. Practice techniques and positions- Practicing hands on positions that promote well positioned babies, breathing techniques and trying a variety of comfort and coping techniques to help reduce pain and discomfort are just a few of the things you get to practice during classes. This is the perfect time for partners to learn about their support role and build a toolbox of strategies to assist mama on the big day.

  5. Build confidence in your ability to birth- Classes can build your confidence in your body’s ability to birth. You will learn to trust your intuition and gain skills to make informed decisions, using your B.R.A.I.N (Asking your care team the benefits, risks, advantages, Intuition and what if you do nothing) Classes are a great time to build your own toolbox so you can give birth with confidence, leaning on the information you learned, the skills you practiced and the most relevant and up to date evidence based practices.

Have you taken a childbirth class? If not, would you add it to your list in preparing for baby? Stay tuned, I will be hosting Lamaze childbirth education classes via virtual or in-person in the fall.

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