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This birth comb is engraved with a powerful message and made from strong peach wood. 


The science behind the comb: 

Studies show that birth combs provide an excellent distraction that can help ease both pain and mental stress during labor. 

Our hands have acupressure points, that when activated, release natural pain relieving endorphins and activate the 'gate control theory'. The gate control theory asserts that your mind can only process so many physical sensations at once.

Non-painful stimuli such as using the comb can help “close” the pain gate, so your brain focuses on the comb rather than the contractions.


How to use it: 


Grip the comb in the palm of your hand and squeeze the teeth at the base of your fingers where it joins the palm. If it feels better to grip the comb with the teeth in the palm of your hand, do what feels best for you! No matter how you squeeze the comb, it will act as a great distraction during labour and help with pain relief


Keep your comb after your birth as a memento and reminder that you did it! You can do hard things








Engraved birth comb- "I can do hard things"

C$12.00 Regular Price
C$10.00Sale Price
  • Size: 10cm x 5cm
    Material: Natural peach wood 

    Engravement: I can do hard things

    Combs come with a muslin drawstring bag for storage

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