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Whether you're a doula, birth worker, educator or expectant parent, these labor position cards are an essential tool to understand the benefits of utilizing various labor and birth positions to manage pain and take control of your birth. 


Each card is designed as an easy to use reference guide that can be used to practice before labour as well as a helpful reminder during the labor/birth process.

Includes an early labour session idea for night and day, to keep you calm, relaxed and in your zone. 


BONUS: Each deck also comes with 14 powerful illustrated birth affirmations for a total of 28 cards. 

Labour Deck

SKU: 364115376135191
  • These 4” x 6" cards are a convenient size for placing around your home, birthing space or hospital

    Includes 14 position/comfort measure cards plus 14 bonus affirmation cards for a total of 28 cards

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