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The Powerhouse team- Partners and Doulas

Hiring a doula has been shown to lower intervention and cesarean rates, increase satisfaction in the birth experience, shorten labour, and lower the chance of needing synthetic oxytocin to speed up the labour process. Yet, sometimes it can be hard convincing partners its a good idea to hire a doula. In this post I'm going to share all the amazing ways that doulas and partners complement each other and create a unified support team.

  • We get to know you both during prenatal visits. One of the questions I always ask partners is; how involved in the labour experience do you want to be? There is never a 'right' or 'wrong', 'good' or 'bad' answer, it just gives me an idea of how I can support and prepare them for the big day. We spend time practicing comfort techniques, and learning tips and tricks to help you during the long hours of labour

  • We can help you get into the hospital while your partner parks the car and grabs the bags

  • Your partner knows you better than anyone else. Sometimes they'll need to give medical information to the nurse or care provider while we help you breathe through contractions, run warm water on your sore back or help you keep your rhythm

  • We're familiar with the hospital setting; we know where to find extra blankets (warm ones too), pillows, snacks, and how to dim the lights to help the transition from home to hospital be a little less stressful

  • We don't expect partners to remember everything they've learned in a prenatal visit or childbirth class. We are there to help remind them of ways they can support you, showing them where to press or massage or answer any questions they might have during the labour process (Is that sound normal? Is she in transition? Is she OK?)

  • When partners feel tired from all the massaging or double hip squeezes, we are happy to give them a break

  • Its so important that partners take care of themselves so they can truly be present and take care of you during the hard work of labour. We remind partners to stay hydrated, nourished and take bathroom breaks

  • We help remind you that you have options and facilitate space for informed decision. If you feel overwhelmed or unsure of a care providers recommendation, we make sure you know you can ask questions, or ask for time and space to discuss this with your partner before feeling pressured into a decision

  • We can take pictures and capture moments, so you can look back on your experience with captured memories. It takes the added pressure of your partner to be the photographer so they can solely focus on you

  • We are happy to text or call with labour updates to everyone that needs to be in the know

Its hard to imagine what this experience will be like. Hiring a doula may help partners feel more at ease, more satisfied and less overwhelmed. My goal is to create an environment that will help you become powerfully bonded to your partner through your birth experience. I want you to walk away from your birth experience feeling connected, empowered and confident.

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